~15 year old Jujube Tree(conservative estimate as of 2016 basing on author’s annual visits, but likely much older than that, maybe 20 yrs of age if taking into account pre-planting age) at the University of Las Vegas, NV campus.  Quite likely a Li. We have been visiting this tree every summer for more than  ten years now, and it has been heavy with fruits the entire time. Like clockwork!  We regret having taken/saved pictures annually for only five years as of this writing so  will try  to do so on a yearly basis –for as long as we can.  A jujube tree may attain >500 productive years, so hoping our children, and children’s children,  will have the energy to maintain the time-lapse photo doc. And hoping UNLV does not remove the tree, since all it really  needs is water, and not much of it..

All pictures are date-marked.

For time-lapse photos of our orchard(topiary/sculpturals/recent cultivar acquisitions/orchard projects), please refer to pages 106-108 of our publication for  direct links using your cellphone or tablet. 

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Ju 20 2017 i juju in unv

juju unlv july 2018

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